Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity – Scott Watson

Author/composer/educator Scott Watson discusses his book, “Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity,” with composer/educator Chris Bernotas.


Hi everybody!

Hi everybody!
After a long time making music, we thought it would be really cool to be able to make music together with friends around the world and enjoy making this in a funny way.
We started our adventure in the troubled waters of music software programming working on the platform that in our imagination would resamble the social network for people that make music, Bandshare.
Now Bandshare is more than a simple dream, is a “music collaborative” social network actually online in Beta.
There are a lot of improvements to do, and we’re working hard to get it better and better but we hope you like it till now.

It takes to be half mad and half dreamer to create a new reality.

What Bandshare looks like

Our development of the “collaborative side” of the platform has reached a good level for Beta users.
As you can see it looks like a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with all the main functions you would expect.
Our goal is not to create something like Logic/ProTools/Live online, so you won’t find hard edge editing and mixing functions, but we want to provide a collaborative space where you can upload your music ideas and collaborate with the people right for you.
Not always cool people is the right people for your music to grow, sometime you need to search for an unknown guy who plays guitar  and an unknown girl who play percussions 100,000 miles far from you to let your music grow into another dimension.

Your social profile shows who you are

In the social network age your profile is your businness card, it will attract people that will listen to you if you are able to gain their attenction.
We think that a full screen front page will give you the opportunity to capture attenction using a full screen background image, a big avatar.
The classic social buttons, a description area with tags, and a central area where you can embedd the song that will describe you better using your Soundcloud or Orfium profile will make the listener decide if your style is good or bad for his/her taste.
It will make the difference for gaining followers and maybe interesting people to collaborate with.

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