The “active listener”, public and creativity in the technologic music of 21th century

I stumbled in this article written by Giorgio Sancristoforo and I found a clear and interesting point of view .
During 20th century as radio, new media supports as vinyl, tapes and cd were the new technology, the listener was focused on the music.
Music was the focus but the product to buy too.
People used to buy music.
People searched for an experience listeninig again and again to the same LP and finding new nuances at every play.
Nowadays music is online and people feel that music is a free product to listen too.
It’s really difficult to valuate music as so many people is making it, and a high percentage is bad music, or absolute trash.
But even the difference between the “good music” made by Pros and “bedroom producer” is negligible.
This situation is like the “digital democracy” of music.
The listener has become  the producer of the music he/she will listen.
The new stars are the new musical gadgets or instruments and no more the Beatles or Bowie.
People used to travel to listen to live performance of their favourite artists, nowadays  people travel to visit Namm , Musikmesse, Superbooth , fairs where they can listen and try new instruments, new gadgets.
People don’t pay for music but spend money in hi-tech musical instruments.
Just to give a number… the small businness Koma Electronics from Berlin launched a Kickstarter for their “Koma field kit” (a little box to experiment with microphones and sound processing)  with a goal of  20.000€, they reached 299.000€.
The listener has become “active”.


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