5 Reasons Why You Should Collaborate In Music

Making music on your own is fun and let you focus on your targets without being distracted, but, if you’re involved in a collaboration with the right people, making music “together” will improve a lot your way of making music and your attitude.

  1. Connect with other people
    Connections will let people know you and your work.
    Collaborations can open your social network and new people can appreciate your style.
  2. Learn new things 
    Learn new approaches will lead you to have a new vision while composing or performing.
  3. Create something unexpected
    Every musician has a particular style and a different way to make music.
    A lot of great songs and musical compositions came out from unexpected interplay and trials and errors process.
  4. Speed up your process
    Working with a team will speed up your work as anyone will have a different skill and you’ll not work on everything but on the things you can do better.
  5. Combine your audiences
    One plus one equals two. Two is greater than one.
    You will gain fans from your partner and fans usually enjoy collaborations because you’re making new music.

Collaborations are a 50/50 work, you can gain something but you have to offer something.
You cannot approach a collaboration thinking you’ll not offer anything, that’s a big error.
The more value you can give, the better your chances get.
Collaboration is not only about creating music together. It’s about creating relationships, too.




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